Starbucks opens Roastery in Milan

outside starbucks milan

Starbucks Coffee Shops are everywhere – with one notable exception: Italy, the Country famed for its Coffee Roasting and Blending and the spiritual home of the Espresso Coffee.

That was until September this year when former Italian Footballer Antonio Percassi helped them to secure a deal and although it’s taken a while, Italy became the company’s latest International Marketplace.

And how! Take a look at the photographs below and you’ll see Starbucks Reserve Roastery in a former Post Office in the Piazza Cordusio. Starbucks clearly wanted to open a statement Coffeehouse with a jaw-dropping view that showcases every aspect of the Roastery experience.

Kevin Johnson, CEO of Starbucks said “We have taken our time to ensure our entry into Italy is done thoughtfully and respectfully, the introduction of our Roastery and premium Reserve brand will set the stage for the long-term development of our core store portfolio with our world-class licensee partner, Percassi”.

There’s a wood-fronted main bar featuring a Italian fluting and a Counter made from heated Tuscany-source marble, with an Arriviamo Bar also serving cocktails and food. Huge runs of Copper Piping deliver Coffee Beans to the working Roaster and the 6.5 metre-high bronze casks, part of the roasting process, which adds theatre to the opulence. You can observe a fully-functioning Scolari coffee roaster in the flesh, plus a first-of-its-kind Milanese bronze unfolding cask.

Will Starbucks destroy the Italian Coffee Experience? The prevailing opinion seems to be that Locals are not too concerned, although Starbucks has pitched itself perfectly at the many thousands of Tourists that flock to Milan every year without threatening the Italian Coffee Lovers way of life.

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