Starbucks opens Roastery in Milan

outside starbucks milan

Starbucks Coffee Shops are everywhere – with one notable exception: Italy, the Country famed for its Coffee Roasting and Blending and the spiritual home of the Espresso Coffee. That was until September this year when former Italian Footballer Antonio Percassi helped them to secure a deal and although it’s taken a while, Italy became the […]

Making the perfect Cuppa Coffee at Home – 4 tips


I recently posted the definitive Home Coffee Brewing Starter Guide with recommendations on various method of Home Coffee Brewing. In the article I added a brief Brewing section with the intention of elaborating at a later date. Well, that date has come! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Coffee is trending … everywhere. It’s […]

Home Coffee Brewing Starter Guide


Brewing Great Coffee at Home is straight-forward and rewarding – so let’s take the Journey together. I have to confess that before I arrived here at Cafe Rico Coffee Wholesalers, I was no more than a Coffee “dabbler” (sorry chaps!) but Since starting here I have been romanced by the smells, the tastes, the roasts […]

Welcome to Nice Cuppa Coffee and Tea

Welcome to the brand spanking new Nice Cuppa Web Site! Nice Cuppa is the trading name of Cafe Rico Coffee Wholesalers – Cafe Rico have provided Coffee, Tea, Machines and Sundries to the Coffee Industry since 1993 supplying large quantities of Products to Cafes, Restaurants and Companies throughout the United Kingdom from our base in […]

We stock Kinto Teaware


We now stock Kinto Brewing Solutions Kinto are an industry renowned Japanese company that specialise in classy Tableware and Drinkware to add a little something to your Tea and Coffee Brewing experience and are very pleased to add them to our Range of Coffee and Tea products Kinto is all about usability and aesthetics and […]